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Brian J. Wilsey

Associate Professor


Wilsey Brian

Office: 131 Bessey Hall

Phone: 515-294-0232






Department: Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology

Research Interests: C-cycling in grasslands, biodiversity loss, invasion ecology, restoration ecology

Brief description of current research:

Wilsey studies how biodiversity loss affects primary productivity, CO2 uptake and storage, and herbivore consumption in grasslands.  His current research includes studies of how altered rainfall patterns will affect plant biodiversity.

Recent publications:
Isbell, F.I., Losure, D.A., Yurkonis, K.A., and B.J. Wilsey.  2008.  Diversity–productivity relationships in two ecologically realistic rarity–extinction scenariosOikos in press

Polley, H.W., Wilsey, B.J. and J.D. Derner.  2007.  Species composition and diversity as regulators of temporal variability in biomass production of tallgrass prairie.  Oikos 116:2044-2052

Wilsey, B.J. and H.W. Polley.  2004.  Realistically low species evenness does not alter grassland species richness-productivity relationships.  Ecology 85:2693-2701

Wilsey, B.J., G. Parent, N.T. Roulet, T.R. Moore, and C. Potvin.  2002.  Tropical pasture carbon cycling: relationships between C source/sink strength, aboveground biomass, and grazing  Ecology Letters 5:367-376

Wilsey, B.J.  2001.  Effects of elevated CO2 on the response of Phleum pratense and Poa pratensis to simulated aboveground grazing and root-feeding nematodes.  International Journal of Plant Sciences  162:1275-1282