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Eugene S. Takle

Professor of Atmospheric Sciences, & Agricultural Meteorology


Gene Takle

Office: 3013 Agronomy Hall

Phone: 515-294-9871








Department: Geological and Atmospheric Sciences, Agronomy, & Aerospace Engineering (courtesy appointment)

Research Interests: Regional climate modeling, hydrological modeling, impacts of climate-change

Brief description of current research:

Current climate-related research includes both basic research on climate change and impacts of climate change.  With colleagues Arritt and Gutowski, I am co-PI on the North American Regional Climate Change Assessment Program.   Research on climate-change impacts includes assessing the interactive roles of climate and land-manager choices on land-use/land-cover change in agricultural area, development and evaluation of downscaling tools for near-surface flow and impacts of climate change on wind power, evaluating effects of climate changes on Midwest agroecosystems using a climate-crop coupled model, and assessment of variability and trends in Iowa climate data on pavement performance by use of a mechanistic-empirical pavement design model.  The land-use/land-cover project uses SWAT (Soil and Water Assessment Tool) to simulate streamflow in large complex watersheds in agricultural areas under current and future scenario climates.  Changes in surface wind speed and wind power over the 20th and 21st Centuries are explored through use of statistical downscaling and regional climate models.  By coupling crop models with regional climate models we explore the impact of crop selection on carbon uptake and evapotranspiration over the Midwest during the growing season.  Roadways in Iowa have been designed under assumptions of average climate conditions that do not reflect actual climate variability or climate change.  Collaborators in Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering use a standard pavement design model to explore the expected changes in various roadway failure modes under actual variability and projected trends in climate over the next 60 years.

Recent publications:

Deppe, A. J., W. A. Gallus Jr., and E. S. Takle, 2013: A WRF ensemble for improved wind speed forecasts at turbine height. Wea. Forecasting, 28, 212-228, doi:

Chen, T. C., M. C. Yen, J. D. Tsay, C. C. Liao, and E. S. Takle, 2013: Afternoon thunderstorm activity in the Taipei Basin during summer: An experiment. Submitted to J. Clim. App. Meteor. (Feb 2013)

Mearns, L. O., S. Sain, L. R. Leung, M. S. Bukovsky, S. McGinnis, S. Biner, D. Caya, R. W. Arritt, W. Gutowski, E. Takle, M. Snyder, R. G. Jones, A. M. B. Nunes, S. Tucker, D. Herzmann, L. McDaniel, L. Sloan, 2013: Climate change projections of the North American Regional Climate Change Assessment Program (NARCCAP). Submitted to Clim. Chang. Lett. (Jan 2013)