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Subramaniam Shankar

Associate Professor



Office: 2080 Black Engineering

Phone: 515-294-3698









Department: Mechanical Engineering

Research Interests: theoretical and computational approaches to understanding turbulent, reactive multiphase flow

Brief description of current research:

The aim of my research is to develop improved physical sub--models and accurate computational methods for calculating the properties of turbulent multiphase flows. The primary motivation for this work arises from the great practical importance of understanding and improving the behavior of fuel sprays in internal combustion engines. However, the methods being developed are applicable to a considerably wider range of industrial multiphase flows which are almost always turbulent. The methods developed so far represent major improvements over existing statistical spray models because they are formulated on a sound mathematical basis which enables them to reproduce the analytic result in simple spray vaporization problems. Whereas previous approaches fail to do so owing to identifiable deficiencies in modeling and numerical implementation, which can also lead to significant errors in simulations of practical spray applications. There are collaborations with industry to make technological improvements to in--house simulation codes based on these research results. A concurrent direction in my research involves fundamental studies of turbulent multiphase flows using direct numerical simulations with a view to gaining insight into statistical models of such flows.

Recent publications:

Sun, J., F. Battaglia, and S. Subramaniam, 2006: Dynamics and structures of segregation in a dense, vibrating granular bed. Physical Review, E.

Pai, M. G., and S. Subramaniam, 2006: Modeling droplet dispersion and interphase turbulent kinetic energy transfer using a new dual-timescale Langevin model. International J. Multiphase Flow.