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Lisa Schulte

Assistant Professor


Debinski, Diane

Office: 142 Science II

Phone: 515-294-7339






Department: Natural Resource Ecology and Management

Research Interests: Landscape and disturbance ecology

Brief description of current research:

I am interested in the causes, patterns, and consequences of land use and land cover change--emphasizing long time periods and broad spatial scales--and managing forest and agroecosystems for multifunctionality.  I seek an integrated approach to research, incorporating ecological and socioeconomic dimensions where possible and appropriate.

Recent publications:

Schulte, L.A., M. Rickenbach, and L.C. Merrick.  2008.  Ecological and economic benefits of cross-boundary coordination among private forest owners.  Landscape Ecology DOI 10.1007/s10980-008-9207-x.

Schulte, L.A., D.J. Mladenoff, T.R. Crow, L. Merrick, and D.T. Cleland. 2007. Homogenization of northern U.S. Great Lakes forests as a result of land use. Landscape Ecology 22:1089-1103.

Schulte, L.A., M. Liebman, H. Asbjornsen, and T.R. Crow. 2006. Agroecosystem restoration through strategic integration of perennials. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation 61:164A-169A.

Schulte, L.A., A.M. Pidgeon, and D.J. Mladenoff. 2005. One-hundred-fifty years of change in forest bird breeding habitat: historical and current estimates of species distributions. Conservation Biology 19:144-156.

Schulte, L.A., and D.J. Mladenoff. 2005. Severe wind and fire regimes in northern Wisconsin (USA) forests: historical variability at the regional scale. Ecology 86:431-445.