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Sarah M. Nusser

Professor and Director
Center for Survey Statistics and Methodology



Office: 2407 Wilson Hall, 1104A HNSB, and ISU Research Park (Building 2, Suite 2140)

Phone: 515-294-9773





Department: Statistics

Research Interests: Probability sample design, survey statistics, applications in large-scale land-based monitoring surveys, accuracy assessment surveys for land cover mapping, and surveys of human populations, communities, and businesses.

Brief description of current research:

Dr. Nusser has extensive experience in statistical and survey methods for longitudinal natural resource surveys.  She is principal investigator for a long-standing cooperative agreement between Iowa State and USDA to investigate and implement statistical and survey methods for the National Resources Inventory, an annual remote sensing and field survey of the nation’s agro-environmental resources.  Nusser has collaborated with biologists to develop sampling methods for land cover map accuracy assessment and for disease monitoring in wildlife populations.  She conducts research on the use of geospatial information in sampling, data collection and survey estimation.  Nusser has collaborated with researchers on a broad array of surveys of human populations.  She has been involved with recent initiatives to develop more effective methods of sampling diverse and underrepresented rural populations and to survey Iowa populations regarding the bioeconomy.

Recent publications:

Nusser, S. M., W. R. Clark, D. L. Otis, and L. Huang.  2008.  Sampling considerations for surveillance in wildlife populations.  Journal of Wildlife Management 72(1):52-60. 

Nusser, S. M.  2007.  Using geospatial information resources in sample surveys.  Journal of Official Statistics, 23:285-289.

Nusser, S. M., W. R. Clark, J. Wang, and T. R. Bogenschutz.  2004.  Pheasant populations associated with land use in Iowa during the Conservation Reserve Program.  Journal of Agricultural, Biological and Environmental Statistics.  9(3):1-17.

Nusser, S. M. and E. E. Klaas.  2003.  Survey methods for assessing land cover map accuracy.  Environmental and Ecological Statistics.  10(3):309-331.