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Kirk A. Moloney

Associate Professor


Moloney Kirk

Office: 143 Bessey Hall

Phone: 515-294-6415





Department: Ecology, Evolution and Organismal Biology

Research Interests: Spatial ecology, invasion biology, plant ecology

Brief description of current research:

Currently, my main interest is in the ecology and evolution of invasive species. Much of my work in this area is highly collaborative and involves the comparison of species in their native and invasive ranges, as a means for understanding the process of invasion.  The expansion of species into novel habitats will be accelerated by climate change and as such invasion biology is closely linked to research on the impact of climate change.

Recent publications:

Jeltsch F., K. A. Moloney, F. Schurr, M. Köchy, and M. Schwager. 2008. The state of plant population modelling in light of environmental change. Perspectives in Plant Ecology, Evolution and Systematics.  9(3-4):171-190.

Losure, D.A., B.J. Wilsey, and K.A. Moloney. 2007. Evenness-invasibility relationships differ between two extinction scenarios in tallgrass prairie. Oikos 116(1):87-98.

Chun, Y. J., M. Collyer, K. A. Moloney and J. Nason.  2007. Phenotypic plasticity of native vs. invasive purple loosestrife: a two-state multivariate approach.  Ecology 88(6):1499-1512.

Wiegand T., E. Revilla, and K.A. Moloney. 2005. Effects of habitat loss and fragmentation on population dynamics.  Conservation Biology 19(1):108-121.