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John Miranowski




Office: 382B Heady

Phone: 515-294-6132




Department: Economics

Research Interests: natural resources, agricultural and environmental policy

Brief description of current research:

John Miranowski currently engages in research relating to natural resources and the environment, health and risk assessment, biofuels and greenhouse gas emissions, productivity analysis, and environmental policy.

Recent publications:

Miranowski, J., and A. Rosburg, 2013: Long-term biofuel projections under different oil price scenarios. AgBioForum, 15, 1-9.

Monchuk, D. C., D. J. Hayes, J. Miranowski, and D. Lambert, 2011: Inference based on alternative bootstrapping methods in spatial models with an application to county income growth in the United States. J. Regional Sci., 51, 880-896.

Miranowski, J., A. Rosburg, and J. Aukayanagul, 2011: US maize yield growth implications for ethanol and greenhouse gas emissions. AgBioForum, 14, 120-132.

Rosburg, A., and J. Miranowski, 2011: An economic evaluation of US biofuel expansion using the biofuel breakeven program with GHG accounting. AgBioForum, 14, 111-119.