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Matt Liebman

Professor and Chair

Henry A. Wallace Endowed for Sustainable Agriculture



Office: 1401 Agronomy Hall

Phone: 515-294-7486





Department: Agronomy

Research Interests: Agricultural ecology, especially cropping system diversification, conservation practices, and weed ecology and management.

Brief description of current research:

Matt Liebman's research focuses on the development of farming systems that are productive, profitable, and healthy for people and the environment. Topics addressed in Dr. Liebman's research group include: (1) biomass production and nutrient cycling by annual and perennial crops used as biofuel feedstocks; (2) weed suppression by cover crops, rodent and insect seed predators, and diverse crop rotations; (3) energetic costs and economic returns associated with simple and diverse rotation systems; and (4) dynamics of native plant communities in filter and buffer strips constructed in and around corn and soybean fields.

Recent publications:

Liebman, M., L.R. Gibson, D.N. Sundberg, A.H. Heggenstaller, P.R. Westerman, C.A. Chase, R.G. Hartzler, F.D. Menalled, A.S. Davis, and P.M. Dixon. In press. Agronomic and economic performance characteristics of conventional and low-external-input cropping systems in the central Corn Belt. Agronomy Journal.

Anex, R.P., L.R. Lynd, M.S. Laser, A.H. Heggenstaller, and M. Liebman. 2007. Growing energy, closing cycles: the potential for enhanced nutrient cycling through the coupling of agricultural and bioenergy systems. Crop Science 47: 1327-1335.