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Cathy Kling




Office: 568D Heady

Phone: 515-294-5767





Department: Economics

Research Interests: Environmental Economics

Brief description of current research:

Dr. Catherine Kling is a Professor of Economics at Iowa State University and head of the Resource and Environmental Policy Division of the Center for Agricultural and Rural Development.  Dr. Kling's research addresses methods for improving non-market valuation methods and economic incentives for pollution control, especially in relation to non-point source pollution from agriculture. She is a Fellow of the American Agricultural Economics Association.  Her research has been funded in part from grants from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, National Science Foundation, Iowa Department of Natural Resources,  Iowa Farm Bureau, The Nature Conservancy, Iowa State Water Resources Research Institute, California Institute for Energy Efficiency, Iowa State Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture, Giannini Foundation fo Agricultural Economics, University-wide Energy Research Group at the University of California, and the Sloan Foundation.

Recent publications:

“Green Subsidies in Agriculture: Estimating the Adoption Costs of Conservation Tillage from Observed Behavior,” Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics 54(2006): 247-267 (with Lyubov Kurkalova and Jinhua Zhao).

“Recreation Demand Using Physical Measures of Water Quality,” American Journal of Agricultural Economics (2008): forthcoming (with Kevin Egan, J.Herriges, and J. Downing)