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Kevin Kane




Office: 219 Durham

Phone: 515-294-0526









Department: Institute for Design Research & Outreach, Landscape Architecture

Research Interests: continuous quality improvement, design research, geographic information systems (GIS), landscape architecture

Brief description of current research:

Kevin Kane is Associate Dean for Research in the College of Design at Iowa State University. Trained as a landscape architect, recreation planner, and GIS analyst, since 1986 he has been a leader in geographic information systems (GIS) coordination, teaching, research, and outreach. He has spent much of his career as GIS Coordinator at the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, instructor at Drake University, and faculty member and Director of the GIS Support and Research Facility at Iowa State. Kevin completed his PhD in higher education leadership and policy studies in 2007 and now leads research initiatives for the College of Design. He holds professional qualifications in facilitation, team building, and leadership.

Recent publications:

Otis, D., et al., 2010: Assessment of environmental services of CREP wetlands in Iowa and the Midwestern corn belt. Iowa State University, Ames.

Junggoth, R., W. Wirojanagud, S. Piaksanurat, and K. L. Kane, 2008: Analysis of integrated expert Geographic Information Systems for secured landfill sites. J. Appl. Sci., 8, 562-573.

Loan-Wilsey, A., R. L. McNeely, K. L. Kane, and D. Otis, 2008: Assessment of wildlife benefits of CREP projects in Iowa. Interim research report, Iowa State University, Ames.