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Daryl Herzmann

Research Associate



Office: 3015 Agronomy Hall

Phone: 515-294-5978





Department: Agronomy

Research Interests: Realtime weather data systems, data warehousing, agricultural meteorology.

Brief description of current research:

Daryl Herzmann is an Assistant Scientist with the Department of Agronomy. His research includes the oversight and development of the Iowa Environmental Mesonet, which is a regional data aggregiation project working with weather and climate data. He also manages the computing facilities used by the local climate research groups

Recent publications:

Panagopoulos, Y., P. W. Gassman, R. W. Arritt, D. E. Herzmann, T. D. Campbell, M. K. Jha, C. L. Kling, R. Srinivasan, M. White, and J.G. Arnold, 2013: Surface water quality and cropping systems sustainability under a changing climate in the upper Mississippi river basin. Submitted to Journal of Soil and Water Conservation.

Mearns, L. O., S. Sain, L. R. Leung, M. S. Bukovsky, S. McGinnis, S. Biner, D. Caya, R. W. Arritt, W. Gutowski, E. Takle, M. Snyder, R. G. Jones, A. M. B. Nunes, S. Tucker, D. Herzmann, L. McDaniel, L. Sloan, 2013: Climate change projections of the North American Regional Climate Change Assessment Program (NARCCAP). Accepted for publication in Climate Change Letters.

Anderson, C. J., R. P. Anex, R. W. Arritt, B. K. Gelder, S. Khanal, D. E. Herzmann, and P. W. Gassman, 2013: Regional climate impacts of a biofuels policy projection. Geophys. Res. Lett., 40, 1217-1222.