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W Stanley Harpole

Assistant Professor

Harpole Stan

Office: 133 Bessey Hall

Phone: 515-294-7253





Department: Ecology, Evolution and Organismal Biology (EEOB)

Research Interests: Biodiversity, Global Change, Community Ecology, Nutrient Limitation, Trophic Interactions

Brief description of current research:

Dr. Harpole’s research focuses on the mechanisms that control species diversity as a way to predict the consequences of global change to diversity. His lab tests and develops biodiversity theory using experimental and observational studies of plant communities in combination with mathematical and statistical models and simulations. Current projects include the Nutrient Network, a global experiment of nutrient and herbivore control of plant productivity and diversity; testing alternative state theory and the roles of grazing, invasion, and spatial processes; demography and conservation of endemic California oaks.

Recent publications:

Hille Ris Lambers, J., W.S. Harpole, S. Schnitzer, D. Tilman, P. Reich. (In Press). CO2, nitrogen and diversity differentially affect seed production of prairie plants. Ecology. 

Harpole, WS, Potts, DL, Suding, KN: Ecosystem responses to water and nitrogen amendment in

a California grassland. Global Change Biology 2007, 13:1-8. 

Harpole, WS, Tilman, D: Grassland species loss due to reduced niche dimension. Nature 2007, 446:791-793. 

Elser, J.J., M.E.S. Bracken, E.E. Cleland, D.S. Gruner, W.S. Harpole, H. Hillebrand, J.T. Ngai, E.W. Seabloom, J.B. Shurin, J.E. Smith. 2007. Global analysis of nitrogen and phosphorus limitation of primary producers in freshwater, marine, and terrestrial ecosystems. Ecology Letters. 10(12):1135-1142.