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William A. Gallus, Jr.



Office: 3025 Agronomy Hall

Phone: 515-294-2270




Department:Geological and Atmospheric Sciences, Agronomy (Courtesy Appointment)

Research Interests: Mesoscale meteorology, numerical weather prediction

Brief description of current research:

Dr. Gallus’ research focuses on improved prediction of precipitation systems, especially mesoscale convective systems during the warm season in the central United States.  His research primarily uses mesoscale and storm-scale numerical models.  He also studies severe local storms and tornadoes, the use of innovative technology for geoscience education, and the impacts of convective systems on near-tropopause water vapor quantities.  Additionally, he is actively involved with research exploring the use of new verification techniques.  He has been a frequent invited summer visitor at the Weather Research and Forecasting model Developmental TestBed Center at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, and is currently the chief-editor of the American Meteorological Society journal Weather and Forecasting.

Recent publications:

Clark, A., W. A. Gallus, Jr., and T.-C. Chen, 2007:  Comparison of the diurnal cycle in convection-resolving and non-convection-resolving mesoscale models.  Mon. Wea. Rev., 135, 3456-3473.

Jankov, I., W. A. Gallus, Jr., M. Segal, and S. E. Koch, 2007:  Influence of initial conditions on the WRF-ARW model QPF response to physical parameterization changes.  Wea. Forecasting, 22, 501-519.

Aligo, E. A., W. A. Gallus, Jr., and M. Segal, 2007:  Evaluation of rainfall forecast spread in an ensemble initialized with different soil moisture analyses.  Wea. Forecasting, 22, 299-314.

Gallus, W. A., Jr., and J. F. Bresch, 2006:  Comparison of impacts of WRF dynamic core, physics package, and initial conditions on warm season rainfall forecasts.  Mon. Wea. Rev., 134, 2632-2641.

Grams, J. S., W. A. Gallus, Jr., L. S. Wharton, S. E. Koch, A. Loughe, and E. E. Ebert, 2006:  The use of a modified Ebert-McBride technique to evaluate mesoscale model QPF as a function of convective system morphology during IHOP 2002.  Wea. Forecasting, 21, 288-306.