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Philip Dixon




Office: 2121 Snedecor

Phone: 515-294-2142




Department: Statistics

Research Interests: ecological and environmental statistics, methods of trend analysis, censored data and spatial statistics

Brief description of current research:

My favorite research develops and evaluates statistical methods to answer interesting biological questions. A lot of this work is collaborative. The themes are using likelihood inference in non-standard situations and using computer-intensive methods.

Recent publications:

Dzul, M. C., M. C. Quist, S. J. Dinsmore, P. M. Dixon, M. R. Bower, K. P. Wilson, and D. B. Gaines, 2012: Identifying sources of error in surveys of Devils Hole Pupfish (Cyprinodon diabolis). Southwestern Naturalist, 57, 44-50.

Fletcher, D., and P. M. Dixon, 2012: Modelling data from different sites, times or studies: weighted vs. unweighted regression. Methods in Ecol. Evolution, 3, 168-176.

Kapler, E. J., M. P. Widrlechner, P. M. Dixon, and J. R. Thompson, 2012: Performance of five models to predict the naturalization of non-native woody plants in Iowa. J. Environ. Hort., 30, 35-41.

Trapp, A., P. M. Dixon, M. P. Widrlechner, and D. Kovach, 2012: Scheduling viability tests for seeds in long-term storage based on a Bayesian multi-level model. J. Agricultural Biol. Ecol. Statistics, 17, 192-208.