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Jeni DiSalvo



Office: 350 Carver Hall

Phone: 515-294-






Department: English

Research Interests: Critical thinking and writing for students in science.

Brief description of current research:

Founder of the World Change Education Organization: An organization focusing on critical thinking about global change for young people ages 10-17.

Recent publications:

Jeni DiSalvo teaches Advanced Communication and Composition for the English Department at Iowa State University.  Jeni has also participated as a proposal writer and project manager for the Soil and Water District Commissioners and the Soil and Water Conservation Society and Communications Director for Leading Change, Inc.  Currently, Jeni is Executive Director of the World Change Education Organization teaching middle school and high school students about global climate change and global cultural integration by presenting expert speakers and organizing interaction between university students and interested young people.  Through this program, students are offered opportunities to visit related sites and present their own research and projects to peers and the public.