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Brent J. Danielson


Danielson Brent

Office: 247 Bessey Hall

Phone: 515-294-5248






Department: Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology

Research Interests: Mesoscale ecology, the population and community dynamics of wildlife and their interactions the natural and agricultural ecosystem processes.

Brief description of current research:

My work centers on the dynamics of animal populations and their interactions with other animal and plant species.  I am particularly interested in scaling up from the ecology of individual animals to the dynamics of communities in spatially and temporally complex environments and the role of wildlife in managing ecosystem function and services.

Recent publications:

Westerman, P.R., Borza, J.K., Andjelkovic, J., Liebman, M., Danielson, B.J.  Density-dependent predation of weed seeds in Iowa maize fields. 2008.  Journal of Applied Ecology.  In press.

Orrock, J. L., B. J. Danielson, M. J. Burns, and D. J. Levey. 2006.  Seed predation, not seed dispersal, explains the landscape-level abundance of an early-successional plant. Journal of Ecology. 94: 838-845.

Santelmann, MV, White, D, Freemark, K, Nassauer, JI, Eilers, JM, Vaché, KB, Danielson, BJ, Corry, RC, Clark, ME, Polasky, S.  Cruse, RM, Sifneos, J, Rustigian, H, Coiner, C.  Wu, J, and Debinski, D.  2004.  Assessing alternative futures for agriculture in Iowa, U.S.A.  Landscape Ecology 19: 357-374

Haddad, N., Bowne, D.R., Cunningham, A., Danielson, B.J., Levey, D., Sargent, S. and Spira. T.  2004.  Corridor Use by Diverse Taxa.  Ecology 84: 609-615.