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Richard M. Cruse




Office: 3012 Agronomy Hall

Phone: 515-294-7850








Department: Agronomy and Iowa Water Center

Research Interests: Soil management, soil erosion, water quality, bioenergy systems

Brief description of current research:

Dr. Cruse is leader of the Agricultural System Initiative, integrating modern crop production technologies and landscape variability to maximize feedstock production and resource conservation.  He is also Director of the Iowa Water Center, working with Universities and agencies in Iowa, addressing water quality and quantity issues critical to sustaining liquid fuel production from crop materials.  He currently leads efforts to: 1) identify barriers to development of a sustainable bioenergy industry and identify means of removing those barriers; 2) delineate the most functional bioenergy system configuration for Iowa landscapes; and 3) determine impacts of biochar applications to soil on soil physical properties.  Additionally, he serves on the National Advisory Council for Environmental Policy and Technology for the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Iowa Climate Change Advisory Council.

Recent publications:

Cruse, Richard, Dennis Flanagan, Jim Frankenberge, Brian Gelder, Daryl Herzmann, David James, Witold Krajewski, Michal Kraszewski, John Laflen, Jean Opsomer, and Dennis Todey 2006.  Daily estimates of rainfall, water runoff, and soil erosion in Iowa. J. Soil and Water Cons. 61:191-198

B. K. Gelder, R. M. Cruse, X. Y. Zhang. 2007. Comparison of Track and Tire Effects of Planter Tractors on Corn Yield and Soil Properties. Trans. ASABE: 50(2):365-370

Perez-Bidegain, Mario, Richard M. Cruse, and Allan Chia.  2006.  Tillage system by planting date interaction effects on corn and soybean yield.  Soil Science Soc. Am. J.  70: 613-619.