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Robert Burns

Collaborator Professor



Office: University of Tennessee Extension
120 Morgan Hall

Phone: 865-974-7112









Department: Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering

Research Interests: air and water quality, nutrient management

Brief description of current research:

Dr. Burns currently serves as the Assistant Dean for Agriculture, Natural Resources & Resource Development and Professor of Biosystems Engineering with the University of Tennessee. As Assistant Dean he oversees the Extension programs of seven academic departments and two Centers within the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture. Robert also serves as the state Agricultural and Natural Resources (ANR) Extension Program Leader and is responsible for the ANR Extension programs offered through 95 county Extension offices across Tennessee. Prior to being named as Assistant Dean, Robert served as a Professor of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering at Iowa State University, and as Director of the Iowa State University Agricultural Waste Management Team. Under Robert’s leadership, this team conducted applied research and extension programming focused on animal manure and agricultural waste management that included work on air emissions monitoring and mitigation, manure and nutrient management and anaerobic digestion. Dr. Burns has given over 500 professional presentations and published over 200 technical publications dealing with manure and air quality management.

Recent publications:

Andersen, D. S., R. T. Burns, L. B. Moody, M. J. Helmers, B. Bond, I. Khanijo, and C. Pederson, 2013: Impact of system management on vegetative treatment system effluent concentrations. J. Environ. Man., in press.

Baker, J. F., D. S. Andersen, R. T. Burns, and L. B. Moody, 2013: The use of phosphorus sorption isotherms to project vegetative treatment area life. Transactions of the ASABE, in press.

Faulhaber, C. R., D. R. Raman, and R. T. Burns, 2012: An engineering-economics model for analyzing dairy plug-flow anaerobic digesters: Cost structures and policy implications. Transactions of the ASABE, 55, 201-209.