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Bruce Babcock




Office: 468H Heady

Phone: 515-294-5764









Department: Economics

Research Interests: agricultural markets, agricultural policy and insurance, marketing and production decisions under risk

Brief description of current research: Professor Babcock's research interests include understanding energy and agricultural commodity markets, the impacts of biofuels on U.S. and world agriculture, the development of innovative risk management strategies for farmers, and the analysis of agricultural and trade policies.

Recent publications:

Hennessy, H., B. A. Babcock, and O. Rubin, 2010: Greenhouse gas impacts of ethanol from Iowa corn: Life cycle assessment versus system wide approach. Biomass and Bioenergy, doi: 10.1016/j.biombioe.2010.01.037

Henessey, H. and B. A. Babcock, 2010: Imacts of ethanol on planted acreage in market equilibrium. Amer. J. Agri. Econ.,

Hayes, D., B. Babcock, J. Fabiosa, S. Tokgoz, A. Elobeid, T-H Yu, F. Dong, C. Hart, E. Chavez, S. Pan, M. Carriquiry, and J. Dumortier, 2009: Biofuels: Potential production capacity, effects on grain and livestock sectors, and implications for food prices and consumers. J. Agri. Appl. Econ., 41, 465-491.