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Raymond W. Arritt



Office: 3009 Agronomy Hall

Phone: 515-294-9870



Department: Agronomy, Geological and Atmospheric Sciences (Courtesy Appointment)

Research Interests: mesoscale meteorology, regional climate, aerobiology

Brief description of current research:

Dr. Arritt's research focuses on analysis and prediction of precipitation systems, especially summertime precipitation over the central United States. This research involves development and use of numerical models as well as analysis of observations. He also is coordinator of the Iowa Environmental Mesonet, a "network of networks" that serves as a centralized data collection, storage, and dissemination hub for current and historical observations of weather and climate for Iowa. Dr. Arritt was a Contributing Author and an Expert Reviewer for the third and fourth assessment reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). He coordinates the Regional Climate Modeling Laboratory with Drs. William Gutowski and Eugene Takle, with whom he also is a co-Principal Investigator in the North American Regional Climate Change Assessment Program (NARCCAP).

Recent publications:

Mearns, L. O., R. Arritt, S. Biner, M. S. Bukovsky, S. McGinnis, S. Sain, D. Caya, J. Correia Jr., D. Flory, W. Gutowski, E. S. Takle, R. Jones, R. Leung, W. Moufouma-Okia, L. McDaniel, A. M. B. Nunes, Y. Qian, J. Roads, L. Sloan and M. Snyder, 2012: The North American Regional Climate Change Assessment Program: Overview of Phase I results. Bull. Amer. Met. Soc., 93, 1337-1362.

Viner, B. J. and R. W. Arritt, 2011: Small-scale circulations caused by complex terrain affect pollen deposition. Crop Sci., 52, 904-913, DOI: 10/2135/cropsci2011.07.0354.

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Takle, E. S., M. Jha, E. Lu, R. W. Arritt, W. J. Gutowski Jr., and the NARCCAP Team, 2010: Streamflow in the Upper Mississippi River Basin as simulated by SWAT driven by 20C results of global climate models and NARCCAP regional climate models. Meteorologische Zeitschrift, 19, 341-346.

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Astini, J. P., A. Fonseca, C. Clark, J. Lizaso, L. Grass, M. Westgate and R. Arritt, 2009: Predicting out-crossing in maize hybrid seed production. Agron. Journal, 101, 373-380.