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Ralph Ackerman



Office: 601 Science II

Phone: 515-294-8676








Department: Ecology, Evolution & Organismal Biology

Research Interests: environmental and regulatory physiology of birds and reptiles

Brief description of current research:

Research in my laboratory is directed toward analyzing and understanding two processes: 1) transport processes involving the exchange of energy and materials within the organism and between the organism and the environment and 2) biological regulatory processes. Interest in these processes is directed toward understanding how the organism is adapted to its environment. The approach is typically interdisciplinary and employs both theoretical and experimental techniques to generate and test hypotheses. The current direction of activity in the laboratory is toward describing and understanding the environmental physiology of vertebrate embryos, especially reptile and bird embryos.

Recent publications:

Rimkus, T. A., Hruska, N., and R. A. Ackerman, 2002: Separating the effects of vapor pressure and heat exchange on water exchange by snapping turtle (Chelydra serpentina) eggs. Copeia, 3, 706-715.