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Future Scenario Climate Model Information for Use in Writing Proposals

Global Climate Model Data

Global climate model output for contemporary and future scenario climates consistent with the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report (AR4) can be found at the PCMDI website at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.  These data are known as the WCRP CMIP3 model results (World Climate Research Programme Coupled Model Intercomparison Project phase 3).

Regional Climate Model Data

Regional climate model output for contemporary and future scenario climates for North America consistent with the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report eventually will be found at the NARCCAP (North American Climate Change Assessment Program) website at the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research:

Also associated with this website is a set of simulations of the climate for North America for the period 1979-2004. These datasets contain model calculated variables such as surface evaporation, surface and subsurface runoff, and three-dimensional wind fields at 25 hPa pressure intervals above the surface:

These data could be used for driving a climate impacts model such as a streamflow model, crop growth model, or pavement performance model, all of which  require specific meteorological input (temperature, precipitation, relative humidity, windspeed, solar radiation, soil temperature, etc.) some of which are not routinely provided by measurement networks.  By using these model output data to drive the impacts model for the 20th Century where observed streamflow, crop growth or pavement performance are available, the error of the modeling system can be evaluated.  This error serves as a bound for confidence in assessing the  models' ability to assess impact of climate change on streamflow, crop growth, or pavement performance when results of model future scenario climates are used.

Reanalyzed Climate Data

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Observed Climate Data

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Iowa Climate Data

        Iowa Environmental Mesonet

        Iowa State Climatologist's Office Data

Other Data

        El Nino and Current Sea Surface Temperatures